Mehmet Öztoprak

Video Editor, Graphic Designer
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About Me

Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Hello, I am Mehmet Öztoprak. I have been interested in computers and technology since I was 10 years old. I studied web design in high school and developed various projects with Arduino and Android Studio. 

Afterwards, I focused on graphic design and video editing, and received training in these areas. Currently, I am working in the field of graphic design and video editing.

Name: Mehmet Öztoprak
Birthday: 6 June 2001
Degree: Intermediate
Experience: 4 Years
Email: iletisim@mehmetoztoprak.com
Address: Samsun/Turkiye
Languages: English(A1) / Turkish (Native)
Freelance: Available
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Education and Expericence

My Education

Radio and Tv

Anadolu University Open Education Faculty | 2019 - Continues

Graphic Design

Sinop University Gerze Vocational School | 2020 -Continues

My Expericence


All freelance companies - Turkey | 2019 - Continues

I have taken on freelance jobs related to graphic design and video editing. In graphic design, I have created packaging, posters, social media banner images, as well as social media post and story designs. In video editing, I have produced content in categories such as news, vlogs, real estate, education, and entertainment.

Video Editor

Emre Yücelen Singing Lessons Youtube Channel - Turkey | 2022-2023

I worked as responsible for short clips and shorts videos on Emre Yücelen's Singing Lesson channel. I edited old recorded videos and turned them into youtube shorts video, then shared them.


Çağ Computer and Security Systems - Samsun/Turkey | 2018-2019

Computer hardware repair and maintenance, software sales and support, data recovery, peripheral hardware repair and support, security system maintenance and installation, security support for public and private companies, network system installation.


My Skills

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Social Media Management


My Services

Video Editing

We bring your story to life! Let's craft what you've described, creating compelling and memorable content. Every frame will deliver an unforgettable experience to your audience.

Web Design

Let's create not just a website for you, but a digital experience. Have a website that is impressive in design, user-friendly in navigation, and stands out in functionality.

Graphic Design

Let's highlight your brand using the power of visual communication. We'll create impressive logos, attention-grabbing posters, striking brochures, and other visual content.

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